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Around the world, the journey to success is governed by increasingly complex and broadening regulatory requirements. Based in Belgium, we provide:

  • Business Address and Offices
  • Corporate Legal Administration
  • Director Services
  • Financial and Operational Services

At HDS, we talk Services

And this to help you comply with the legal and administrative requirements imposed by Belgian corporate law.

Business Address Services

  • Registered office and reception desk during office hours
    • Give your business a professional image by using our locations as your postal address. HDS virtual office provides you with all the benefits of an immediate business presence without the financial and administrative constraints and enables you to launch your company on the Belgian market.
  • Reception of mail and resending according to your instructions
    • Our multilingual receptionist will receive, sort and store your mails, packages and registered mail and forward it to you, at your convenience. She will answer your calls if you are out and forward you the messages by phone, e-mail or text, or divert calls to your fixed line or mobile, in Belgium or abroad. We also can provide a fax, photocopier, multilingual secretary and mail dispatching service, and the use of meeting rooms. This impeccable service, administrative assistance and personalized welcome for your visitors will guarantee a professional image for your company and help it grow.
  • Access to meeting rooms and offices
    • You have a meeting in Brussels or you want a dedicated temporary workspace? Start-up, entrepreneur,...You would like to present your products/services or your project in a high class and Inspiring environment ? We have a solution for you.

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Corporate Legal Administration

  • Incorporation and registration of the Belgian company
    • HDS Corporate Solutions will prepare and draft the articles of incorporation of your new Belgian company, incorporate and register it within the Belgian legislation. We will furthermore coordinate with other service providers, such as banks, legal advisers and notaries, as needed.
  • Fulfill all related legal obligations and publications
    • We will furthermore assist in obtaining business or professional authorization and tax registration. Responsible for compliance to local and international statutory obligations and publications.
  • Coordination of the legal shareholders and board meetings
    • At your official meetings, such as meetings of The Board of Directors or The Annual Shareholders’ meeting, HDS will draft the minutes and register the shareholders’ attendance.

      HDS will furthermore maintain the registers of shareholders and/or bondholders and will safeguard and archive your corporate documents and records as required by Belgian law.

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Director Services

  • Local independent Director Mandates
    • In response to the financial crisis, legislation in Belgium aims to enhance, amongst others, on the role of the Board of Directors. As the representatives of shareholders, the Board of Directors is supposed to play a key role in overseeing the organisation and ensuring that the company continues to operate in the best interests of all of its shareholders. HDS and/or its legal representative can act as an Independent Director when such is considered appropriate for confidentiality reasons or to facilitate the overall efficiency of the company.
  • Preparation of the agenda of the Board of Directors
    • As an Independent Director, the HDS legal representatives can take care of the administrative organization of the Board of Directors’ meeting and the execution of the Board of Directors’ decisions.
  • Coordination of the Board of Directors’ meetings and other governing bodies
    • HDS and/or his legal representative can take the responsibility for the coordination of all the activities of the Board of Directors, such as structure and composition, legal duties, procedures, proceedings, other legal committees, eventual relations with auditors, tax consultants and other intervening parties.

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Financial and Operational Services

  • Coordination of third party services regarding Accountancy, VAT, Payroll, HR, Legal and Fiscal issues
    • HDS, as an independent service provider, has a broad network that will enable us to find the best third party services that fit the needs of your company. Be it for accounting, legal support and advice, specialized VAT matters, Legal advice, Payroll and other HR matters, HDS will direct you to the most appropriate service provider and will coordinate these activities.
  • Operational support of business development
    • HDS can help you in finding the right partner for operational issues concerning business development. We guide you around in Belgium to find the best service that fits your needs.
  • Project and interim management support
    • HDS Corporate Solutions will help you find the right project or interim manager (for various business areas or specializations) for your one-off projects and/or projects to develop your business.

      Please contact us to take advantage of our services and meeting rooms and expand your business with professionalism and flexibility

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